Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Zone of Love

Time traveler in a zone of love.
An ancient soul
with a childlike spirit
dancing mask
persona upon persona,
layered in metaphor and mystery.
We are all dancing masks
briefly touching.
Electric flesh
awakening our remembrance
and our aching..
I have touched and been touched
braided deftly into
the fabric of other souls,
bonded to other hearts...tasted the
separate and unique gift of being
that is the other...once...
I was young and wild,
and without boundaries
bumping into others
in my darkness...but still we touched.
Now a crone with aging eyes
that see much clearer than
their counterparts in youth,
I don’t bump so often into
other hearts
as I know that sadness
can be soothed with silent acceptance,
both theirs and mine.
..I’m not the bearer
of the wand of change.
I am just a dancing persona swaying,
weaving in and out of others existence
a time traveler in a zone of love.


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