Wednesday, February 16, 2005


sitting there cocooned
in the seams of shared silence;
my sister, my friend....
While she was moving ever closer
to a boundary over which I could not cross.
Moving with the gentle flow
of each soft cadence of the
Cardinal’s voice...
He lifted bread to heaven
and passed it back as God,
blessed and ready to place on
outstretched tongues of the waiting faithful.
Her faith was deep and wide, my friends’,
I doubt she had great fear
for she would sense His presence,
As God drew her near.
She was going soon, leaving us behind,
to enter into the eye of grace...
Unfettered, uncluttered, a soul
utterly unadorned by pretense,
a simple, trusting, child of God.
She knew soon she would nap in His arms.
I felt her leaving
sensed her peace...
Closer now with each shallow breath
inching away ....
This sweet time traveler in a zone of God’s love
drifting on the sea of in-between with me.
My gentle, holy friend...for whom death is no end.............
Pam kent


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