Thursday, September 08, 2005

She had a smile
that never quite reached her eyes;
always ending at the slightly turned up corners
painted on the edges of her mouth;
lovely crater home,
a hive of sweetness full of sting.
But still her smile
tattooed itself into my heart
and made me bleed with tenderness.
So captivated was I by her beauty;
the eloquent hollowness, the superb emptiness...
and I climbed the mountain to her soul
where vapor filled my fingers,
i had made the long and difficult trip
only to find it was not there.
She must have fallen from the stars to swiftly
to grab a spirit for her journey.
She imitated humans with no humanity as a guide,
only television shows viewed over and over
solo in the night
learning to perfect the illusion of a gentle eccentric nymph
leading me into her madness with a smile.
"Suzanne takes me down to her place by the River",
and I followed so easily, so unaware...
a smile that lite my world with empty eyes
Oh imagine when I awoke,
my surprise.


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