Thursday, October 06, 2005

Beneath The Same Sky

Flesh of my flesh,
child become a hand that leads...
We walk today beneath the same large sky,
you on ancient cobblestones,
me on the weathered cracks in asphalt and cement.
You climb the Alps of ages
and scale heights not conceived of even in my imagination,
the limited terrain of my narrow experience.
My dreams are small where yours are
large and future focused.
No night offering or daytime fantasy
has ever led my feet to walk the terrain of foreign fields of flowers
beneath skies that are just an extension of my own
blanket of blue and cumulus wanderings...
The stunted wings of my imagination never flew so far.
While I weave my way thru
the heavy oppressive congestion
that has infringed on my streets and my hours
in the name of progress.....
You climb the steps of antiquity
and touch the face of history
etched upon each place your gaze falls....
And I wonder if anything from our brave new world
will last to become ancient and preserved..........
Somehow I doubt it.
Beneath the same sun
I walk behind but on the morning of a new horizon,
you run ahead into the embracing arms of what
has proved itself
by lasting.........


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