Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Gypsy’s Lessons (the gifts she left behind)
1) always have an open heart.
2) See something good in everyone.
3) Greet your loved ones with smiles and kisses.
4) Be a friend
5) always be kind
6) Be a free spirit
7) value loyalty and devotion highly
8) Love with all your being
9) PLAY, as you love...wholeheartedly!
10) Live every moment with dignity
11) Embrace your uniqueness
12) Dance as if no one is watching.
13) celebrate with joy
14) Be gracious to your guests
15) Stay forever young
16) Timing is everything.
17) Trust the Universe to bring you good
18) Go where you are led in faith
19) Bloom where you are planted
20) How to say goodbye....and when to let go.
21) How to see with the heart.


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