Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Something Wild & Wonderful

The Wailing Announcement arrives
When we feel the furthest away
from our next poem;
our next expression of eternal...
our legs open,
we are suddenly full.

to give birth to something
as fragile and tender
as a new moment
full of unique possibility.

Silence is filled with
the wailing announcement
something unknown slipping from my dark sea
on its arrival
for presentation to the light.

I swaddle this newborn thought
in gowns of warmth and word,
suckle this infant with the
breast of a mother's experience and vision.

When we feel furthest away
we are impregnated in secret
filled in silence,
quiet places in the soul, undisturbed
busied by fertile gestation...

Our legs open
we are full
laboring in love;
words flutter, wings spread
something new... something wild and wonderful
flys free of me.
posted by MysticGmekeepr