Friday, March 25, 2005

mystery & majesty Posted by Hello

Complexity of Contridiction

being willing to stand still
in the complexity of emotion....
buffetted, battered and blown;
striving for balance between
the fragile contradiction
of a woman and a wounded child.
Here, needs collide in mid air,
there explosion leaving fragments of desire
littered on the ground....
and i curl up against
the broken pieces of my life
and search some mystical black box for answers.
Still a child weaving herself into the onion skin breast
she creates with need and pen for rest.
Yet a woman who hears and heeds a sultry siren song:
a melody made of hands that make there way
skillfully into my glory place.
Standing still in the complexity of emotion
with its endless ebb and flow of contradictory needs;
past offering roots and soul,
the future with its bid for love.
The center of them both
is where i'll come to know,
and where I'll come to grow.
by being willing
to stand still
in the complexity of my contradictory emotions.
pam kent 4/29/98

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

....There was no flaw,
no imperfection
in the seamless garment of connection
that wrapped itself gently
around my heart and Gypsy’s...
And warmed us both.

my forever friend Posted by Hello

Gypsy’s Lessons (the gifts she left behind)
1) always have an open heart.
2) See something good in everyone.
3) Greet your loved ones with smiles and kisses.
4) Be a friend
5) always be kind
6) Be a free spirit
7) value loyalty and devotion highly
8) Love with all your being
9) PLAY, as you love...wholeheartedly!
10) Live every moment with dignity
11) Embrace your uniqueness
12) Dance as if no one is watching.
13) celebrate with joy
14) Be gracious to your guests
15) Stay forever young
16) Timing is everything.
17) Trust the Universe to bring you good
18) Go where you are led in faith
19) Bloom where you are planted
20) How to say goodbye....and when to let go.
21) How to see with the heart.