Friday, July 06, 2007

Celebrate Each child

What if....
They had taken her home and held her up to the sun
Praising God for her arrival,
perhaps they did, but its doubtful
for it never felt that way to her.
What if....
They had set the moon on her crib at night
and sung her name to the stars,
would it have made a difference?
If they had tattooed her smile into their hearts
would she have felt like flesh of their flesh?
What makes a spirit choose as it does,
the people it comes to...
Magnets or radar?
Homing pigeon instincts or Divine force?
Why did she come to you
and why did you not hang her name in the stars,
praising God for her arrival,
cherishing His tiny gift ?
ANd if you had, would it have made a difference?